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The internet is like an ocean. Mostly, it is so beautiful and wonderful. Once, Newton said, “What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.” Why don’t you make your drop utterly valuable?

We believe that learning new things is crucial for happiness. Abakcus is the collection of perfect sources about mathematics and science. On Abakcus, you can actively search and discover all the best articles, books, projects, videos, and tools you’re looking for. 

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With Isometric you can compose simple geometric shapes to create beautiful, abstract works of art. A 60-degree rhombus is the basis for everything. Experience pure creativity and play with the…

The Lighthouse

A lighthouse keeper’s surprising discovery pulls him out of his monotonous, daily routine and takes him onto a journey into uncharted territory.

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24 Science Fiction Books That Forecast the Future

24 Science Fiction Books That Forecast the Future

Many past writers have predicted our present society’s facts with a level of detail that seems impossibly accurate. In reality, their imaginations were painting portraits that would eventually be mirrored…
Compressed 02 Kim Pimmel

Compressed 02

Kim Pimmel combined everyday soap bubbles with exotic ferrofluid liquid to create an eerie tale, using macro lenses and time lapse techniques. Black ferrofluid and dye race through bubble structures,…

You Don’t Know Africa

A simple hard game: How many African countries can you name from memory? Try it yourself and challenge friends. Free and ad-free.‎The sequel to You Don’t Know Africa, which has…

Dimensions is an ongoing reference database of dimensioned drawings documenting the standard measurements and sizes of the everyday objects and spaces that make up our world. Created as a universal…

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Speaking Tangentially

A series of talks and lectures from Oxford Mathematicians exploring the power and beauty of their subject. These talks would appeal to anyone interested in mathematics and its ever-growing range…
Underwater Volcano Dyson Science DIY Project

Underwater Volcano

How to create a colorful underwater volcano? Hot air balloons use convection currents. As hot air rises, so too does the balloon. This project shows how convection currents work. A…

How to Make Conveyor Belt Cinema

Use a small-scale conveyor belt to create a cinematic experience!  Crate box – or Small cardboard box X-acto knife – optional Toilet paper tubes (2) Dowels (2) Pencil Scissors Hot…