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The internet is like an ocean. Mostly, it is so beautiful and wonderful. Once, Newton said, “What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.” Why don’t you make your drop utterly valuable?

We believe that learning new things is crucial for happiness. Abakcus is the collection of perfect sources about mathematics and science. On Abakcus, you can actively search and discover all the best articles, books, projects, videos, and tools you’re looking for. 

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The Visual Proof of the Area of a Circle

In geometry, the area enclosed by a circle of radius r is π r2. Here the Greek letter π represents a constant, approximately equal to 3.14159, which is equal to the ratio of the circumference of any circle to its diameter. Ingredients: Chain Ruler Step 1…
Kurbo Health | Weight Loss for Teens & Kids | Abakcus

Kurbo Health

Kurbo Health connects children with expert health coaches to help them learn about exercise, nutrition, and weight management. Using Kurbo’s iOS, Android, and web applications, children connect with their coaches…

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Featured Directories

Supermoon by Ariel Avissar | A Short Video About Supermoon | Abakcus


Filmmaker Ariel Avissar compiled all featuring giant supermoon shots from the classic movie moments. It is a lovely short movie.
To Round | Visual Task Manager and To-Do List | Tools | Abakcus

To Round

To Round is an easy-to-use task manager for iOS and Android. The focus is on the simplicity. A distinctive feature of the app is its interface designed as a funnel…
Untools | Beautiful Tools for Better Thinking | Abakcus


Tools for better thinking. Collection of thinking tools and frameworks to help you solve problems, make decisions and understand systems.

Featured Books


Flash Forward

Flash Forward is a critically acclaimed podcast about the future. In each episode, host Rose Eveleth takes on a possible (or not so possible) future scenario — everything from the…

How to Make the Missing Square Puzzle

They say seeing is believing, but sometimes your eyes can trick you! Download the printable puzzle and discover how a bit of math can help you figure out the solution. Ingredients:…
How to make a harmonograph DIY Project

How to Make a Harmonograph?

This project belongs to a computer graphics artist and researcher, Karl Sims, who is best known for using particle systems and artificial life in computer animation. A harmonograph is a…
spiral of Theodorus

How to Construct the Spiral of Theodorus?

The spiral of Theodorus is a spiral composed of right triangles. Hundreds of years ago, Theodorus of Cyrene constructed continuous right triangles and got a beautiful spiral. He used that spiral to…
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