Welcome to “The Physicists’ Library”: an expertly curated compilation of the best 33 physics books that every enthusiast, student, and professional physicist should consider exploring….
I’ve curated a stunning collection of 100 Google Earth images from the illustrious book Overview for your viewing pleasure!…
These books demystify complex concepts, illustrate the application of math in various fields, and share stories of mathematical discovery that inspire awe and wonder….
The 20+ history of science books listed below promise more than just an academic foray into the chronicles of scientific inquiry; they serve as a testament to the nobility of…
In this compilation, I present the top 10 Islamic geometry books, each offering a unique perspective on this captivating subject….
The books about bees listed here are but a few samples of the delightful troves of bee literature that await the curious reader. As you turn the pages of these…
This list of books about application of mathematics illuminates the diverse applications of mathematics, showcasing how this abstract science shapes our reality, influences various fields of research, and addresses complex…
In this guide, I delve into the best 5 graphing calculators that stand out in their field, helping engineers and students alike to achieve their academic and professional goals effectively….
Below I’ve curated a list of the seven best artificial intelligence books, perfect for those keen to learn about the intriguing world of AI, its capabilities, mysteries, and its potential…

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8 Utterly Useful Books to Learn LaTeX Abakcus

8 Utterly Useful Books to Learn LaTeX

Thirty years ago, Leslie Lamport wrote the professional document preparation system and document markup language, LaTeX. Since then, LaTeX has been widely used to publish scientific documents in many disciplines,…


An audiovisual piece made up of over four thousand still images pulled from Google Earth, individually edited, and then manually sequenced to Midnight by Caravan Palace.
Kung Fu Motion Visualization | Video | Abakcus

The Physics of Kung Fu

In an intersection of martial arts and digital artistry, Tobias Gremmler, a German visual artist, captures the spirit of Kung Fu through his captivating digital renderings.

Featured Books

But Why | Podcast for Kids | Abakcus

But Why

But Why is a podcast for kids! Kids ask the questions, and they find the answers. On But Why, they tackle topics about nature and science.
Liquid Densities Dyson Science DIY Project

Liquid Densities Science Experiment

Layer different liquids in a tube and discover how and why they settle in a particular order. Density is a comparison between an object’s mass and volume. Different liquids have…
Changing States Dyson DIY Science Project

Changing States Science Experiment

Eggs are rich in protein. When heat is applied, chemical bonds within the protein molecules are broken, forming new bonds between adjacent molecules. This creates a network of interconnected proteins,…
DIY Galton Board 7

How to Make a Galton Board

Here is a beautiful math project for you. If you can follow the instructions carefully, you can get a very nice galton board.