How to Make 3D Hand Optical Illusion

Handimania has created an excellent tutorial that demonstrates how to draw a fun 3D optical illusion of your hand. All you need is paper, a pencil, and some colorful markers. Here’s a fun, quick trick: How To Draw Your Hand In “3D”.


Step 1

Gather all needed supplies and let your kids get ready to watch.

Step 2

Trace your hand (and a bit of a wrist) using a pencil. Remember to do it lightly.

Step 3

Now take a marker and draw straight lines across the paper to an outline of your hand. After that point, draw a curved line to the next point on the outline and then continue with a straight line.

Step 4

It’s time to make your 3D hand more lively! Take at least 3 markers in different colors and fill the gaps between basic lines by drawing lines in between. Always repeat the same order of colors. If it’s necessary, fill any white spots you missed.

Step 5

If you want, you can add some shadow on the outline of the hand – the 3D effect will be even more visible.

Step 6

Look, the 3D hand you’ve just made is about to pop out of paper!

DIY Details


Avg. Duration

30 min

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