20 Mathematicians Who Changed The World

Before scientists can invent medicines or engineers can progress technology, they must first chuck numbers onto whiteboards, employing notions laid out by mathematicians hundreds of years or more ago. Even…
Calculators were extremely valuable tools about ten years ago. Unfortunately, just like wristwatches, they lost their old style when smartphones came into our lives….
The Nobel Prize is an annual award acknowledging outstanding contributions to physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, and peace. It is established in 1895 by the Swedish chemist and inventor…
Penguin Classics presents beautiful, hardcover editions of beloved classic literature. This gorgeous series of Penguin Clothbound Classics have the potential to be one of your favorite book collections. Award-winning Penguin…
Physics books are the perfect bridge between those who want to share their knowledge and those who wish to learn new things. Furthermore, must-reads books are some of the best…
Are you seeking a way to infuse new energy into your math lessons? Look no further. Then we recommend that you watch some of the fantastic maths talks from brilliant mathematicians….
A mathematical proof is a rigorous argument based on straightforward logical rules to convince other mathematicians that a statement is true. A minor deficiency in a proof can spoil the…
Desmos classroom activities are digital experiences that help students learn algebra, geometry, and advanced mathematics by modeling and using multiple representations….
This is a list of the best math and science films that you should watch. All of these films deal very well with the topic of math and science….

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How to Make Conveyor Belt Cinema

How to Make Conveyor Belt Cinema

Use a small-scale conveyor belt to create a cinematic experience!  Crate box – or Small cardboard box X-acto knife – optional Toilet paper tubes (2) Dowels (2) Pencil Scissors Hot…