Lenz's Law Dyson Science DIY Project

Lenz’s Law Science Experiment

Create a working demonstration of Lenz’s law. As the magnet falls down the tube, it demonstrates Lenz’s law. Moving the magnet next to the non-magnetic metal induces an electrical current that generates a magnetic field. This magnetic field overlaps with the magnetic field of the falling magnet. This creates resistance and slows the magnet down.

This system is similar to how electromagnetic brakes work on rollercoasters. The wheel is the tube, and the magnet is attached to the chassis of the train. The movement of the train is slowed without any friction parts to wear out.

Lenzs Law Dyson Science DIY Project 3
Lenz's Law Science Experiment 3


  • A one foot-long domestic copper plumbing tube
  • Strong magnet that fits freely – but closely into the tube


Drop the magnet into the tube.


Watch what happens.

Lenzs Law Dyson Science DIY Project 2
Lenz's Law Science Experiment 4
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