How to Make a Box Kite

Every child wants to be a kite flyer and flew his/her kites so high. They can hold on to their strings and never get tired. Also, large box kites hold most of the altitude records for kite flying. If you’re looking for things to do when you’re bored at home, it’s the perfect time to make a kite! Anything you don’t have can be found from your hardware or craft store easily. These instructions are for the people who know almost nothing about kite making.


Cut 2 pieces of lightweight plastic, paper or tyvek to use for kite sails 12″ high by 60″ long. Fold into quarters approximately 15″ long.
With scissors, gently score the middle of each piece of vinyl tubing to create end connections. Don’t cut all the way through! Attach one end of each connector into the long dowel (spar) and the other end into the short dowel (spreader) to create a right angle joint. The tubing should fit snuggly around the dowel ends.
Connect the spreaders to the opposite spars, creating an “X” on both ends of the kite. Use the twist ties to secure the spreaders in the middle where they cross.
Tape the kite sails to both ends of the kite frame with the spars on the inside of the sail material. Tape along and space the spars equally at the 15″ folds. Adjust the kite frame to make sure each side is balanced. Poke a hole in the middle edge of the top sail and tie your kite string securely to fly!

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1 hour

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