Attarctive Nails Dyson Engineering DIY Project

Attarctive Nails Science Experiment

Make your own electromagnet.

How does it work?

Most magnets cannot be turned off. When electric current runs through a wire it creates a magnetic field – and that’s why electromagnets can be turned on and off. Running current through a wire produces a weak magnetic field – usually too weak to give us visible results. By coiling the wire closely, you amplify the magnetic influence which gives visible results.

Did you know?

Many objects around you contain electromagnets. They are found in electric motors and loudspeakers. Very large and powerful electromagnets are used as lifting magnets in scrap yards to pick up then drop old cars and other scrap iron and steel.

Attarctive Nails Dyson Engineering DIY Project 3
Attarctive Nails Science Experiment 3


  • Insulated copper wire – thin insulation is best
  • Tape
  • A battery
  • An iron nail
  • Iron filings or paper clips


Wrap the insulated copper wire around the iron nail, leaving 8in of loose wire at either end.


Remove 1 1/4in of insulation from the ends of the copper wire and attach to either end of the battery with tape.


You now have an electromagnet. The nail should attract the iron filings and paper clips.

Attarctive Nails Dyson Engineering DIY Project 2
Attarctive Nails Science Experiment 4
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