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Abakcus is the collection of perfect podcasts about mathematics and science

Ask us Anything

Ask us Anything

The Ask Us Anything podcast by Popular Science is the perfect opportunity for listeners to satiate their curiosity about the world around them. Each episode features experts in a particular…


For those who can’t get enough of the enigmatic world of food, Gastropod is the perfect podcast for satisfying our curiosities. By deeply diving into the science and history behind…
Twenty Thousand Hertz

Twenty Thousand Hertz

Have you ever stopped to think about all the sounds around you, both natural and man-made? The podcast Twenty Thousand Hertz does just that, exploring the fascinating world of sound…
Every Little Thing

Every Little Thing

If you’re someone who’s constantly pondering strange and thought-provoking questions, then the Every Little Thing science podcast might be your new favorite source of entertainment. This podcast has covered you,…
Short Wave podcast

Short Wave

In an age where scientific discoveries are happening at an astonishing rate, it doesn’t seem easy to keep up with the ever-evolving intersection of science and society. Enter NPR’s Short…
unexplainable podcast


Science is all about asking questions, but with the ever-evolving nature of knowledge, there are always new inquiries to be made. And while some may believe in bizarre conspiracy theories,…
The Past and The Curious Podcast for Kids Abakcus

The Past & The Curious

The Past and the Curious is a history podcast for children! In this podcast they talk about spy stories, amusing meals, and much more.
Smash Boom Best Podcast for Kids Abakcus

Smash Boom Best

Smash Boom Best is a debate show for kids and families from the makers of the award-winning podcast, Brains On!
But Why | Podcast for Kids | Abakcus

But Why

But Why is a podcast for kids! Kids ask the questions, and they find the answers. On But Why, they tackle topics about nature and science.
Reply All | Science Podcast | Abakcus

Reply All

Reply All is a podcast about the internet' that is actually an unfailingly original exploration of modern life and how to survive it.
Science Friday

Science Friday

Science Friday is the perfect way to kickstart your weekend, offering an in-depth look into the latest scientific discoveries and innovations. This engaging podcast provides fascinating insights into topics ranging…
Invisibilia | Science Podcast | Abakcus


Invisibilia is a radio program and podcast from NPR, which explores the intangible forces that shape human behavior like ideas and beliefs.
Hidden Brain | Science Podcast | Abakcus

Hidden Brain

Hidden Brain explores the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior and questions that lie at the heart of our complex world.
Bodies | Science Podcast | Abakcus


This documentary series begins with a medical mystery. Sometimes the sickness is in the body or the sickness is in the system.
Breaking Math | Mathematics Podcast | Abakcus

Breaking Math

Breaking Math is a podcast that aims to make math accessible to everyone, and make it enjoyable. You're guaranteed to learn something new!
blue planet II podcast

Blue Planet II

Take a look behind the scenes of making Blue Planet and further uncover our hidden underwater world with insights from Sir D. Attenborough.
Story Seeds | Podcast for Kids | Abakcus

Story Seeds

The Story Seeds podcast for children captures the magic that happens when children and best-selling authors get together in person.
Stuff To Blow Your Mind Science Podcast

Stuff To Blow Your Mind

Stuff To Blow Your Mind is a beautiful podcast about neurological quandaries, cosmic mysteries, evolutionary marvels and our future.
Science Diction Science Stories Podcast Abakcus

Science Diction

A weekly podcast about words and the science stories behind them. Science Diction is about words—and the science stories within them.
Circle Round | Podcast for Kids | Abakcus

Circle Round

For children ages, 4 to 10, Circle Round kids podcast program is created and produced by parents of young children.
KidNuz | Podcasts for Kids | Abakcus


KidNuz is a daily children podcast and and it is written and delivered by four Emmy-winning journalists who also happen to be mothers.
The Story Collider science podcast

The Story Collider

The Story Collider helps people of all walks of life -- from scientists to doctors to patients to engineers to teachers to firefighters -- tell their true, personal stories about…
Undiscovered | Science Podcast | Abakcus


Undiscovered is a science podcast about the left turns, missteps, and lucky breaks that make science happen.


If you’re a science enthusiast or just curious about the world around us, the Ologies science podcast is a must-listen. Hosted by science journalist and humorist Alie Ward, each episode…
Science Vs Science Podcast Abakcus

Science Vs

Are you tired of feeling like you can’t trust the information you’re being presented? Enter Science Vs, the podcast that uses scientific research to investigate and debunk common misconceptions. Hosted…
Fierce Girls | Podcast for Kids | Abakcus

Fierce Girls

Fierce Girls is a weekly kid and family podcast. In these podcasts, you will listen to the amazing stories of extraordinary women.
Story Pirates | Podcast for Kids | Abakcus

Story Pirates

The Story Pirates children podcast takes stories written by children and transforms them into sketches and songs.
Tumble | Podcast for Kids | Abakcus


For children and their families to enjoy, Tumble is a scientific podcast about the world around them. Explore the science around you.
Brains On | Podcast for Kids | Abakcus

Brains On

Brains On! is a science podcast produced by American Public Media for children and people interested in science.
Eleanor Amplified Podcast for Kids Abakcus

Eleanor Amplified

Eleanor Amplified is an adventure podcast series that appreciates journalism and make kids informed media choices in their future lives.
Book Club for Kids | Podcast for Kids | Abakcus

Book Club for Kids

Book Club for Kids is a weekly podcast for kids. It is a gathering place for young readers to discuss their favorite books.
Ear Snacks | Podcast for Kids | Abakcus

Ear Snacks

Ear Snacks is a podcast centered around kids' voices and ideas. Andrew & Polly think about what we know and wonder what we don’t know yet.