Color-Coded After School Routine Clock

How to Make Color-Coded After School Routine Clock

We have been checking out these color-coded after school routine clocks on Pinterest for quite a while. Similar to an alarm clock, these clocks are designed to keep the kids’ activities organized and kids on track with minimal reminders. The new year seemed like the perfect opportunity to create a back-to-school routine and add structure to the afternoon and evening.

While not particularly crafty, we found the instructions pretty straight forward. You can even get the kids involved!


Color-Coded After School Routine Clock
Color-Coded After School Routine Clock


Take the plastic cover off the clock and use a ruler to outline your after school schedule. For us, it is

  • 3-5 pm Playtime
  • 5-6 pm Homework
  • 6-7 pm Dinner
  • 7-8 pm Reading / Quiet Time
  • 8-8:30 pm Pajamas, Brush Teeth and Lights Out


Color-Coded After School Routine Clock
Paint in the outlined portions of the clock.


Print off your list of activities and match the color to correspond with the colored section on the clock.


Find a place to hang the clock that is easy for kids to see. Tape your schedule below (or put in a picture from and set on the table). Now kick back and relax!

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