How to Make a Rocket Toy from Recycling Bin

I come across these incredibly cool space rocket toys. Since we go through a lot of kitchen roll in our house, and the recycling bin is always filled to the brim with empty paper rolls, you can do this beautiful project idea with your kids.


  1. Empty toilet- and kitchen roll tubes
  2. Craft paper
  3. Glue
  4. Paint/coloring pencils
  5. Scissors
  6. A big dose of imagination


Start by making the legs on cardboard, they are 3x 1/4 circle. Using an Exacto make slits on the tubes where the legs will fit.


Glue them in place and then spray paint the whole thing.


Make small cones in craft paper and glue to the top of the rocket.


Draw designs on white paper using crayons and cut them out and glue to the rockets.

Then, Houston… we don’t have any problems!

DIY Details


Avg. Duration

1 hour

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