Caroline Criado Pérez

“Invisible Women” by Caroline Criado Perez is compelling exploration of gender inequality backed by eye-opening statistics. This book goes beyond data bias to reveal the shocking realities of gender disparities in our society.

While many of us are already aware of the gender pay gap, the unequal distribution of domestic labor, and the disproportionate rates of violence against women, seeing these facts and figures compiled in one place is both enlightening and troubling. Quantifying our pain and misery through percentages adds a crucial dimension to understanding and fighting against these imbalances.

“Invisible Women” is packed with fascinating insights. For example, did you know that women in the UK experience 53% more stress in the workplace compared to men? Or that one in three women around the world don’t have access to safe toilets? These revelations prompt us to question why, despite having this wealth of data, we make such little progress in addressing these issues.

Caroline Criado Perez touches on the motivations behind this stagnation, highlighting how politicians like UK’s Martin Callanan seek to dismantle crucial protections for pregnant workers, how fathers often fail to take advantage of shared parental leave, and how toxic workplace cultures push women out of the tech industry. It’s frustrating to see that even with the knowledge held by organizations like the UK Department for Transport, they fail to make changes that would make women feel safer in multistorey car parks.

The power of data to shame and spur positive change can only go so far. Beyond the data gap lies a more concerning gap: the lack of care and action from those in power. Let’s not ignore this greater issue and work towards closing the “don’t-give-a-damn gap” for a fairer society.