Adam Rutherford

How to Argue with a Racist, by geneticist and author Adam Rutherford, is arguably one of the most intriguing reads of 2020. Partially inspired by the renewed examination of race relations sparked by the tragic death of George Floyd, How to Argue with a Racist expertly explains why biologically speaking, race is almost impossible to define. All humans, including white supremacists, share African and Chinese ancestors. Along with debunking racial pseudoscience, How to Argue with a Racist also offers readers an in-depth look at the many flaws surrounding their ancestry DNA test results and how they relate to England’s Edward III.

This book proves that education starts with understanding our past; only then can the right actions be taken for a stronger future. How to Argue with a Racist bridges this divide between knowledge and learning in an informative yet engaging way that certainly redeems its title as one of the most important reads of 2020.