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Paper Plotter | Math Tools | Abakcus

Paper Plotter

Paper plotter is a plotting tool that cuts 3D Math functions into a PDF so you can cut it out. Math is made easy, so you can grasp the functions easier.
Mathcha | Math Tools | Abakcus


Mathcha is a site that offers a copy-paste technology developed for easier writing of mathematical material that can be written using latex and where you can inject your writing directly…
Mathrelay | Math Tools | Abakcus


MathRelay is a search tool for Youtube videos containing solutions to math problems. They publish some math questions and show their solutions using Youtube. It is a pretty good idea!
Numbers Aplenty | Math Tools | Abakcus

Numbers Aplenty

Numbers Aplenty is useful to look up a number and find out all kinds of things about it. All you need to do is type a number and have fun!
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