The Map of Mathematics

In this map, you can see the state of mathematics as it currently exists, as mathematicians perform it.

The map begins with three simple beginning points: numbers, shapes, and change. From there, it expands out into intertwined tendrils of thinking. Continue reading it, and you will learn about the relationship between prime numbers and geometry and how symmetries help us deal with problems involving infinity.

In addition, although the map is imperfect — mathematics is too vast to be included within a single map — we hope it will provide you with a sense of the fundamental themes and disputes that fuel the field, in addition to the conceptual tools necessary to get started.

There is no right or wrong method to go about your exploration. You can either move in a straight path from topic to topic or jump around, looking for something that catches your attention on the way.

If mathematics is the poetry of logical concepts, as Albert Einstein famously stated, we wish to convey an appreciation for all of the beauty that mathematics describes through this project. To begin, scroll down to the bottom of the page.


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