In the field of secondary mathematics, Mathigon is known as the “Textbook of the Future.” The innovative material structure makes the arithmetic more interactive than ever before, and a virtual personal teacher delivers real-time feedback to help students succeed.

Mathigon is similar to a traditional math textbook in terms of its subject. Still, it presents the materials in a fresh, engaging, and entertaining way for students to understand. In contrast to videos or traditional textbooks, students must actively participate in every step of the process — through problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity.

In the same way that a traditional textbook would be used to supplement lessons, it can also be used to highlight foundational subjects for students who may have gaps in their knowledge, assign additional readings to students who want to learn more than what is covered in the curriculum, and refresh teachers’ knowledge. Teachers would have to develop innovative ways to monitor pupils’ progress if they do not have access to a dashboard.

Mathigon is entirely free to use, and it works on all browsers and mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Ali Kaya


Ali Kaya

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