Desmos Graphing Calculator is a fantastic and useful math tool that teachers and students can quickly access from any device with an internet connection. Desmos’ mission of helping every student learn math is accomplished through its varied and invaluable uses. Desmos can be used to plot equations or design class exercises, and it can also assess equations and display data.

With Desmos curriculum packages, teachers have all the resources they need in the online calculator to help a student excel in mathematics. Desmos’ mission of inspiring students to love math starts with their easy-to-use graphing calculator – designed for computers, tablets, and personal devices alike. Desmos Graphing Calculator has successfully revolutionized the way we learn math.

I also curated 134 awesome Desmos classroom activities for you! If you are a math teacher, you have to check it out!

Ali Kaya


Ali Kaya

This is Ali. Bespectacled and mustachioed father, math blogger, and soccer player. I also do consult for global math and science startups.


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