64 Amazing Math and Science Books That You Should Read in 2022

The University of Cambridge prepared a unique mathematical book list for people who are interested in mathematics.

This list of interesting mathematics books and internet sites is mainly intended for sixth-formers planning to take a degree in mathematics. However, everyone who likes mathematics should look at some of the very suitable items for less experienced readers, and even the most hardened mathematician will probably find something new here.

The range of mathematics books now available is enormous. This list contains a few suggestions which you should find helpful. They are divided into three groups: historical and general (which aim to give a broad idea of the scope and development of the subject); recreational, from problem books (which aim to keep your brain working) to technical books (which give you insight into a specific area of mathematics and include mathematical discussion); and textbooks (which cover a topic in advanced mathematics of the kind that you will encounter in your first year at university).

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