Green Ideas: 20 Short Books from Penguin Classics to Defend the Planet

Penguin Classics has finally launched a new series of twenty short books, Green Ideas. All the books explore the topics related to the environment, from climate change to ethics and politics. 

Since humans have become irrevocably altered our life on Earth, it is time to raise our voice to defend our planet. That’s why these short books bring together the most critical issues of our era and seek answers to the greatest question: can we sustain the habitable planet?

Designer Tom Etherington made a mesmerizing cover design for each book. If you have all the books in your library, you will get a cool rainbow gradient for your bookshelf.

We have curated all twenty short books from the Penguin Green Ideas series for you. It is really time to save our planet!

Ali Kaya


Ali Kaya

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