25+ Must-Read Physics Books for Lifelong Learners

Physics is like a signature God put in creating this universe, and it is the science we would not be without. I have never understood how people who don’t know friction force, gravitational acceleration, and the law of inertia live to survive in this world.

If a person can see and understand physics as a science instead of seeing it as a course to pass, they can get a lot of pleasure. Because physics is always more than memorizing formulas. The perception of the person who can understand physics opens, and they start to think and do not become convinced without asking questions.

That’s why physics is a science that everyone should know more or less something. The easiest way to learn physics is to read the right books. Below I have listed 26 excellent physics books that you will enjoy reading and learn tons of things about physics.

Ali Kaya


Ali Kaya

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