Stephen Coles, Erik Spiekermann

A complete sheet is devoted to each The Geometry of Type entry, which delves deeply into 100 classical and contemporary typefaces. Characters from each typeface are magnified and annotated to highlight distinguishing traits, anatomical specifics, and the subtler, frequently disregarded components of type design, demonstrating how these characteristics influence mood and readability. The designer and foundry, the year of release, and the various weights and styles that are offered are listed in the sidebar information, and feature boxes explain the history and ideal applications for each typeface, such as whether it is appropriate for running text or as a display font for headlines. The complete character set is displayed, and the best letters for identification are highlighted to assist the reader in identifying each typeface in context. This gorgeous and incredibly useful work of reference for font spotters, designers, and users is a close-up celebration of types and excellent type design.