Jim Henle

“Put on your apron and enter Jim Henle’s kitchen as he reveals the surprising similarities between two equally delectable activities: cooking and mathematics. The Proof and the Pudding, a delightful dish for fans of popular arithmetic, delivers a clever and delectable fusion of mathematical sweets and culinary delights that show how life in the mathematical world is tantalizingly similar to life in the kitchen.

Take a challenging Sudoku puzzle and an overturned cake. Henle demonstrates that the best method for handling kitchen mishaps is also the best method for resolving mathematical issues. Or imagine a billiards table with an L shape and a sudden need for Italian potstickers. In his explanation, he compares choosing geometry over algebra (or algebra over geometry) to choosing a California rollover chicken tikka masala. Do you want to discover why cooking and math have such a high level of playfulness? Or how to make delicious ice cream out of stinky cheese? Everything is included, including original math and recipes as well as the mathematical counterparts of vegetarianism, Asian fusion, and famous chefs.

The Proof and the Pudding is a fun and humorous book that is a feast for the mind as well as the mouth.”