Keisuke Saka

“The book Karakuri, which was first released in Japan, provides a basic understanding of the gears, cranks, cams, and levers that are employed to create these wonderful moving paper automata. You can use the pull-out pages to build your own moving models of the many sorts of gears. These models serve as the basis for designing your own Karakuri or may just be admired on their own.

The physics underlying how Karakuri moves and functions are explained in detail with accompanying pictures, allowing you to fully understand the characteristics of the various gear and cam kinds. Four entertaining, full-color Karakuri models created by the author, a well-known paper engineer, are also included as inspiration. The crafts, printed on pull-out pages and simple to construct, include a charming peek-a-boo-playing teddy bear, a funny penguin sitting on an iceberg, and an enthralling train that travels around. On a track and through a tunnel!

Keisuke Saka’s book is a unique introduction to old art and the ideal present for imaginative and creative people because it includes detailed instructions, fourteen full-size models, and information on the science behind the craft.”