Duncan C. Blanchard

This is a biography of Wilson Alwyn Bentley, a Jericho, Vermont farmer who photographed snow crystals, dew, ice, and frost more than 5,000 times. Despite the fact that he took his photos between 1885 and 1931, they have never been matched and are still in high demand. Bentley’s story is one of bravery and perseverance in the face of overwhelming challenges. While still in his teens, he taught himself how to use a microscope to take pictures of snow crystals. He then dedicated years to his fixation before others began to appreciate his work’s beauty and scientific significance. The Snowflake Guy explores the life of a straightforward, intelligent, and compassionate man who spent close to fifty years using a microscope and a camera to capture the beauty of nature. There are 30 black and white pictures in the book.