Mariana Cook

A wonderful collection of ninety-two photographic portraits of some of the greatest mathematicians of all time can be seen in Mathematicians. The beautiful photos by renowned photographer Mariana Cook are supplemented by concise autobiographical prose written by each mathematician. Cook portrays the vivacious and colorful personalities of these outstanding thinkers. Together, the images and text portray a broad collection of people committed to the fascinating study of mathematics.

Readers are introduced to young and old mathematicians, dads and children, spouses and wives through the fascinating black-and-white photographs. They include Fields Medal winners, people just starting out in their significant careers, and established luminaries in the field. As the mathematicians discuss how they became interested in mathematics, why they love the subject, how they stay motivated in the face of mathematical challenges, and how their greatest contributions have paved new paths for future generations, their candid personal essays reveal unique and wide-ranging thoughts, opinions, and humor. David Blackwell, Henri Cartan, John Conway, Pierre Deligne, Timothy Gowers, Frances Kirwan, Peter Lax, William Massey, John Milnor, Cathleen Morawetz, John Nash, Karen Uhlenbeck, and numerous other mathematicians are among those mentioned in the book.

This photography collection is an inspiring tribute to mathematicians everywhere, conveying the beauty and excitement of mathematics to individuals both inside and beyond the subject.`