Robert DiYanni and Anton Borst

“Students have the chance to be inspired and transformed via learning in the college classroom, but teachers need to be aware of how students truly learn. An approachable, practical manual on the art of college teaching is offered by Robert DiYanni and Anton Borst, offering educators the skills they need to support students in achieving academic achievement and meaningful learning that will last a lifetime.

The Craft of College Teaching discusses both how to teach utilizing active learning tactics that engage students through challenges, case studies, and scenarios, as well as practice reinforced by constructive feedback, emphasizing concepts and their relationships rather than just isolated facts. The book offers advice on inspiring students, leading fruitful discussions, designing captivating lectures, utilizing technology well, and much more. Interludes between chapters highlight typical difficulties, such as what to do on the first and last days of class, how to handle students’ shame, control group projects, and how to effectively mentor students. The end of each chapter has a ton of questions and exercises.

This user-friendly manual builds on DiYanni and Borst’s experience as academics, faculty consultants, and workshop leaders to blend the most recent research with tried-and-true strategies. The Craft of College Teaching, which has been successfully used in both workshops and classroom settings, is a crucial tool for both beginning teachers and seasoned veterans.”