Mitchel Resnick

“Nowadays, children in kindergarten spend more time with arithmetic workbooks and phonics flashcards than with building blocks and finger paint. The kindergarten is emulating the rest of the school more and more. Learning specialist Mitchel Resnick makes the exact opposite case in Lifelong Kindergarten: that all other academic years (and even all of life) should be more like kindergarten. People of all ages need to learn how to think and act creatively in order to flourish in today’s rapidly changing world, and the best way to achieve so is by emphasizing more activities like imagining, creating, playing, sharing, and reflecting, much like kids do in conventional kindergartens.

Resnick examines new technology and tactics for involving young people in creative learning experiences, drawing on his experiences from more than thirty years at MIT’s Media Lab. He shares examples of children creating their own games, stories, and innovations (such as a diary security system developed by a 12-year-old girl) and working together on large-scale group projects, crowdsourcing, and remixing projects (such as a Halloween-themed game called Night at Dreary Castle, produced by more than twenty kids scattered around the world). By giving young people the chance to engage in projects inspired by their passions, in teams with their peers, and with a sense of enjoyment, we can help them prepare for a world where original thought will be more crucial than ever.”