Kio Stark

“Here is a startling truth: learning isn’t limited to the classroom. Traditional schooling and college degrees are being passed down by increasing numbers of people. Instead, kids receive the instruction, inspiration, and understanding they require outside the classroom. Kio Stark presents the manual for studying outside the classroom based on extensive research and interviews with more than 100 independent learners. Don’t Go Back to School explains how to acquire the required knowledge without having to change your lifestyle or financial situation to pursue conventional education. This motivating and useful manual offers specific tactics and tools for getting started as an independent student. If you’re considering traditional higher education and you’re prepared to become an independent learner, Don’t Go Back to School is required reading.
Don’t Go Back to School is getting praise.

“School isn’t necessary for that! This book describes a successful path, not one that is simple or straightforward. Learn if you want to learn. But you can do it without going to school. Author Seth Godin, Stop Stealing Dreams

Don’t Go Back to School delivers on the recommendation on the front cover. It is an efficient, practical manual for learning what you need to know without completing college or attending graduate school. Kio Stark created a vital manual after speaking with many amazing self-taught artists on how they accomplished it. Professor at NYU and author of Here Comes Everyone and Cognitive Surplus, Clay Shirky

At the time, not enrolling in graduate school felt like a failure, but it turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made. It started me on a journey of self-discovery and learning that brought me to a line of work that I adore and would never have succeeded in an academic environment. I wish I had a copy of Kio’s book to use as a road map! Author of Steal Like an Artist, Austin Kleon”