Stephen Siklos

This book is meant to assist candidates in getting ready for admission exams in math and science, including STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper). The Cambridge colleges base their conditional offers on the STEP exam. Warwick University also uses them, and many other mathematics departments advise their applicants to prepare for the previous exams even if they decide not to take the test. Even for those who do not intend to take the Sixth Term Examination Paper, Advanced Problems in Mathematics is suggested as a prerequisite for any undergraduate mathematics subject.

The syllabus for Papers I and II, which is primarily the A-level core (i.e., C1 to C4) with a few changes, is addressed by the questions that make up this book. They are all based on recent STEP questions that were chosen for this purpose. A comment and a comprehensive answer are provided for each query. The reader’s attention is drawn to important details in the comments, which also place the query in its proper mathematical context. The answers guide students toward the approach needed to solve complex mathematical issues thoughtfully and on their own. Every student who plans to pursue a science major in college or who has an interest in advanced mathematics should read this book.