Scott Flansburg

“All of us who need to or wish to increase our comprehension of math should read the new edition of MATH MAGIC. Flansburg, who may have changed your perception of math, makes math simple and enjoyable.

According to Scott Flansburg, there aren’t “mathematical illiterates,” only those who haven’t figured out how to use arithmetic to their advantage. However, millions of financially prosperous individuals are terrified of balancing their checkbooks and are unable to calculate the interest on their savings or credit cards. Millions of students fear taking the SAT math exam and detest their math sessions. However, as Scott Flansburg explains, anyone can overcome these fears and feel comfortable performing necessary everyday mathematical tasks. Discover how to:

• Be familiar with the fundamentals.

• How multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction actually operate

• Use estimation to make calculations simpler

• Quickly review your responses.

• Convert metric values to commonly used values.

• Calculate taxes, tips, and percentages—never be shorted again!”