Michael S. Malone

Silicon Valley is home to many of technology’s key players, but its origins are much humbler––and The Big Score chronicles how it began. One of the first reporters on the tech industry beat, Michael S. Malone recounts the feverish efforts of young technologists and entrepreneurs to build something that would change the world.

Starting with the birth of Hewlett-Packard in the 1930s, Malone illustrates how decades of technological innovation, driven by the need for better hardware, laid the foundation for the meteoric rise of the Valley in the 1970s. Drawing on unvarnished interviews, he punctuates this history with incisive profiles of early luminaries, including William Shockley and Steve Jobs, when they were struggling entrepreneurs.

With stories of ingenuity and individual sacrifice at its core, The Big Score is an indelible portrait of the high-agency spirit of early Silicon Valley.