Tyler Cowen

“It’s good to grow. Economic development, in particular, has historically reduced human suffering, increased human happiness and opportunity, and lengthened human lifespans. Wealthier civilizations guarantee greater autonomy, greater fulfillment, and more recreational opportunities. They also offer better living standards, healthcare, and living conditions. Everyone needs to care more about the well-being of those around them if we want to keep up with our growth trend and its overwhelmingly good effects on societies. So how do we move forward?

In the conclusion of 20 years of thought and investigation, Tyler Cowen offers a roadmap for progress. In Stubborn Attachments: A Vision for a Society of Free, Prosperous, and Responsible Individuals, Cowen argues that our reason and common sense can help free us of the faulty ideas that hold us back as people and as a society, allowing us to set our sights on the long-term struggles that maximize sustainable economic growth while respecting human rights. At its core, Stubborn Attachments presents the modern moral case for economic progress and provides a lot of motivation and hope for our future possibilities.”