Cindy Neuschwander

“In this geometry-filled math adventure, you’ll get to play word games, enjoy some puns, and solve some problems alongside Sir Cumference, Lady Di of Ammeter, and their son Radius.

King Arthur was a good ruler in the past, but at this point, he needed a new king. What steps would you take if your neighboring kingdom declared they would wage war on you? You would most likely assemble a group of your most courageous and powerful knights to figure out a solution to the problem. However, when your conference table causes more issues than the danger posed by your adversary, you need the assistance of an expert. Sir Cumference, Lady Di of Ammeter, and their son Radius are arriving now. This brilliant group of people designs the ideal table with the assistance of Geo of Metry, who is a carpenter. It is a table that is conducive to discussing the ideal strategy for achieving peace.

The first book in the Sir Cumference series, Sir Cumference and the First Round Table is an entertaining and approachable introduction to the world of mathematics.”