Camilla Pintonato

“The little gray rabbits are working in their covert workshop as the sun is setting, but what might they be creating? Follow the bunnies as they get ready for the big occasion and prepare to celebrate with all of their forest pals. As the full moon rises, the mice, foxes, porcupines, and other forest animals assemble, and at last, the major surprise is unveiled. Beautiful paper lanterns are released into the air by the little bunnies, and when the full moon shines on them, they shimmer like stars.

The charming paintings of Camilla Pintonato beckon us into a hidden realm where miracles happen while people are away and animals are at play. Children are given a link to nature they can feel no matter where they are in the world thanks to striking, full-page photographs of the rising sun and moon that reveal the enchanting way the natural cycle of the sky binds us in amazement.”