Douglas Jenkinson

“This book is a fascinating account of the personal and professional journey that Dr. Doug Jenkinson, a researcher, and physician, went on while writing this book. Jenkinson tracks the resurgence of whooping cough in the developed world over the course of his practice spanning four decades, using his practice located in the bucolic English countryside as a clinical control group. He investigates one of the world’s most mysterious and widespread illnesses while meticulously taking notes and satisfying an itch to find out more.
Jenkinson weaves the story of his life’s work through endearing anecdotes, pertinent history, and sound advice. This story will charm casual readers interested in medical history and memoir, as well as doctors and researchers who can identify with the experiences and may benefit from the research and techniques that are employed. It is told in a friendly and engaging voice, with an expert balance between levity and earnestness. As the investigation progresses, the readers will find themselves in the examination room alongside Jenkinson, learning about the nature of the illness as well as the far-reaching detrimental effects of an anti-vaccination campaign.
An outbreak in the Village is a story of perseverance and objectivity that is sure to delight and inform readers. It is an intriguing memoir about a mysterious illness, a failure in public health, and one doctor’s quest for clarity.”