Pramod V. Naik

“This biography is a concise yet all-encompassing account of Meghnad Saha’s life. Meghnad Saha was a significant contributor to the development of science in India and the creator of the Saha equations, which are used in a variety of contexts. The author delves into the lesser-known aspects of the life of the man who was instrumental in the establishment of scientific institutions in India, who came up with the ground-breaking theory of thermal ionization, and whose enthusiasm for India’s rapid advancement in science and technology, along with his concern for the betterment of his countrymen and the maximization of resources, led him to eventually enter politics and point out to Parliament the mismanagement of many programs of national importance.

This book avoids the majority of academic technicalities, making it simple enough for anyone with a basic understanding of science to read and comprehend without difficulty. Anyone who is only interested in Saha’s contribution to physics is free to pick up and read just that section. On the other hand, a typical reader may ignore the technical chapters to speed through the rest of the book and still obtain an overall understanding that is consistent with itself. This work touches on all aspects of Saha’s multidimensional personality, which overflows in the pages of his periodical, Science and Culture, as well as his many speeches, debates, and discussions in Parliament, all of which are appropriately conveyed in this book. This work also touches on all aspects of Saha’s work as a politician, which overflows in the pages of his periodical, Science and Culture.”