Einstein and Heisenberg: The Controversy Over Quantum Physics

Konrad Kleinknecht

“The lives of Einstein and Heisenberg, two of the most influential scientists of the 20th century, are chronicled in this engrossing and informative book. Einstein and Heisenberg are credited with developing the theories of relativity and quantum mechanics, respectively. It does this by drawing parallels between the development of modern physics and the extraordinary lives of these two physicists. These discoveries laid the foundation for modern physics, which is necessary for our modern world of computers, satellites, and innovative materials. Without these discoveries, our modern world would not be possible. In addition, the difficult science behind the two discoveries is broken down and explained in this book using language that is easy to understand. The twin biography draws attention to the similarities and distinctions between these two prominent figures, illuminating how their respective bodies of work helped transform the 20th century into the century of physics.”