Gabriel Klambauer

This book is written for students who are already familiar with a beginner’s version of differential and integral calculus that focuses only on the manipulation of formulas and who are now looking for a closer study of basic concepts combined with more creative use of information. The book is intended to be read by students who are already familiar with the book. The book is largely geared toward college students in mathematics, engineering, and science who are making the leap from basic calculus to more advanced levels of the subject.

In addition, this book can also be of use to those who are getting ready to instruct a calculus class. It seems to me that it would be more beneficial to emphasize instructive and interesting instances rather than subjecting the reader to an excessive amount of premature abstractions, which have the potential to so easily deteriorate into pedantry. The book includes many examples that have been worked through, and many of the exercises are accompanied by instructive hints or a solution that is outlined.