Laurie Wallmark

In Numbers in Motion, you will discover the incredible life of Sophie Kowalevski, the trailblazing mathematician who defied expectations and became a true pioneer.

In this captivating biography, readers are transported to a world where women were underestimated and counted out. Against all odds, Sophie Kowalevski rose above societal limitations and shattered the glass ceiling in the field of mathematics.

Through beautifully illustrated pages filled with fascinating equations and an engaging narrative, Sophie’s remarkable journey unfolds. From her early fascination with math to her determination to overcome gender barriers, readers will be inspired by her unwavering passion and relentless pursuit of knowledge.

Follow Sophie as she navigates a world that doubted her abilities, from her humble beginnings in Russia to her groundbreaking studies in Germany. Witness her struggles, triumphs, and the countless awards she received.

Numbers in Motion is an empowering story and perfect choice for explorers, historians, and scientists alike. Delve into the life of Sophie Kowalevski and let her extraordinary legacy inspire you. Numbers in Motion is a must-read picture book biography for ages 7-10.