Emily Jenkins

“Lemonade in Winter: A Book About Two Kids Counting Money” by Emily Jenkins invites young readers on a heartwarming adventure tackling the trials and joys of entrepreneurship. Set on a chilly day, the tale recounts the delightful efforts of Pauline and John John, whose optimism shines through as they set up a lemonade stand in the midst of winter, fueled by a clever understanding of supply, demand, and counting money.

What stands out the most in “Lemonade in Winter” is the exquisite blend of didacticism and storytelling prowess. Emily Jenkins weaves a narrative that not only educates children about basic financial concepts but also values in tenacity and innovative thinking, as the siblings learn firsthand about customer preferences and marketing strategies.

In addition, the charming sepia-toned illustrations by G. Brian Karas bring this world to life, capturing the warmth and determination of Pauline’s lemonade venture against the cold backdrop. The visuals perfectly complement the text, offering a visual narrative that aligns beautifully with the written one.

Ultimately, “Lemonade in Winter” is a must-read for young ones learning about money and more. It’s a reminder that some of life’s most valuable lessons come from our experiences, even if they involve something as simple and sweet as selling lemonade on a snowy day. This delightful book infuses important life skills with a playful and endearing story, making it not only an educational tool but an enchanting piece of children‘s literature. Highly recommended for parents, educators, and young readers alike.