Susan D’Agostino

Everyone has a mathematical story. Often, it’s one of frustration and self-doubt, with phrases like “I’m not a math person” and “It’s all useless” becoming all too familiar. But what if there was a different narrative? A story where mathematics becomes a catalyst for personal growth and discovery, nourishing the body, mind, and soul.

Susan D’Agostino’s transformative book, “How to Free Your Inner Mathematician,” unveils the possibility of rewriting our mathematical journey. Through concise and impactful chapters, this book takes us on a captivating exploration of various mathematical topics. While some are commonly explored in popular math books, many others are refreshing and new. Each topic is elegantly presented, delving into its mathematical significance, historical context, and cultural relevance. Within the pages lie not only valuable lessons from the past but also profound insights that encourage curiosity, creativity, and awe.

Regardless of our limited time and patience, this book enables anyone to grasp even the most complex mathematical concepts. It serves as a gateway, opening our eyes to the wonders of mathematics and its potential to shape our lives. For educators, “How to Free Your Inner Mathematician” demonstrates how we can make mathematics more meaningful by connecting it to our everyday lives, surpassing its conventional applications in the sciences.

How to Free Your Inner Mathematician extends an invitation for readers to delve deeper into the world of mathematics, to engage with the mathematics community, and most importantly, to embark on a journey of self-discovery.