Douglas Thomas, John Seely Brown

The world is constantly changing in the twenty-first century. Doug Thomas and John Seely Brown explore how the forces of change and new waves of interest connected to these forces motivate and invite us to envision a learning future that is both potent and upbeat in A New Culture of Learning.

Usually, when we think about culture, we picture an established, stable entity that undergoes significant change over an extended period of time. In A New Culture, Thomas and Brown investigate the second kind of culture that adapts naturally to its environment. Not only does it adapt, but it also incorporates change as one of its environmental variables into its operation. The authors develop a vision of learning for the future that is attainable, scalable, and one that grows along with the technology that promotes it and the people who engage with it by examining play, invention, and the development of the imagination as cornerstones of learning. The result is a new kind of culture in which the ability to manage, negotiate, and participate in the world is governed by imaginative play, where knowledge is viewed as fluid and developing, where the person is enriched and refined in relation to the communal, and where.

This is a book that looks at the difficulties that our educational systems and learning settings encounter from a novel perspective. It is rife with stories.