James Stewart’s Integral House

James Stewart’s Integral House

For many of us, calculus is just another difficult math subject we have to endure in school. But for James Stewart, the author of the most famous calculus textbook, calculus was not only his area of expertise but also his inspiration for his dream house, the Integral House. Who knew a math teacher and author would become a major architectural influencer?

James Stewart was a Canadian mathematician and author who made a fortune by writing calculus textbooks for universities and high schools. He sold 500,000 books almost yearly, amounting to about $30 million in sales per year. With his wealth, Stewart fulfilled his lifelong dream of building a home inspired by calculus. He also wanted to create a space where he could host musical performances and gatherings.

James Stewarts Integral House Calculus
James Stewart’s Integral House Calculus

The Beauty of Integral House

Integral House is located in the upscale Rosedale neighborhood in Toronto and took seven years to build. The house is an award-winning architectural masterpiece with curved walls, floating staircases, and a stunning open-concept design. The house has a concert hall with up to 150 people and has been praised for its exceptional acoustics. Stewart also filled the house with artwork and publications about mathematicians, musicians, and artists.

James Stewarts Integral House
James Stewart’s Integral House

Stewart’s passion for calculus can be seen throughout the design of Integral House. The house’s name is inspired by the concept of the integral, which is a fundamental idea in calculus that represents the area under a curve. The house’s curved walls and ceilings symbolize the sine and cosine curves that are integral components of calculus. The house also features a beautiful spiral staircase that represents the mathematical concept of the Fibonacci sequence.

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Integral House – 194 Roxborough Drive, Toronto

Integral House became famous not only for its unique design and exceptional acoustics but also for its philanthropic endeavors. Stewart was a generous supporter of the arts and donated the house as a venue for various charities to host fundraisers. He passed away in 2014, and the estate was sold in 2018. However, the Integral House remains a landmark and a testament to Stewart’s love for calculus and the arts.

The story of James Stewart’s Integral House is a remarkable example of how inspiration can come from unexpected places. Who would have thought a math subject could inspire a multimillion-dollar dream home? Stewart’s passion for calculus and the arts led to creating of a beautiful and functional space that inspires artists, mathematicians, and architects alike. The Integral House is a testament to Stewart’s genius and a symbol of his generosity and love for humanity.

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