14 Entertaining Podcasts for Kids of All Ages

It is extremely easy to make a child happy. For example, every child becomes happy when driving over the bumps, and I think it is because children’s only interest in us is love. But these days, I see kids who want their parents to find a good podcast for them. Yes, adults don’t listen to podcasts, but podcasts are booming for kids.

If you provide a good podcast for a child, their taste in podcasts will be expanded, and it might turn into an addiction. It is also a beautiful solution for screen addiction, and that’s why you should make podcasts become part of the family routine.

You are lucky because we have curated 14 excellent kid-friendly podcasts that your kids will love listening to. These podcasts for kids are funny, entertaining, and at least a little educational. All you need is to find a nice podcast app and make a playlist!

Ali Kaya


Ali Kaya

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