1000+ Remarkable Drawings of Root Systems

An orange tree can bear fruit for more than a hundred years without expecting anything from anyone. Have you ever seen someone who has lived for others for a hundred years? Probably no.

Plants are beautiful things. For hundreds of years, plants have inspired art. You can check Ernst Heinrich Haeckel’s beautiful drawings if you don’t agree with me. Unfortunately, these beautiful creatures try to live among the cracks of concrete and cobblestones these days because humans invade everywhere and put buildings. But we are missing something; plants can live without us, but we humans and animals cannot live without plants.

To show the hidden beauty of plants, the late botanists Erwin Lichtenegger and Lore Kutschera shared their 40 years of research with more than thousands of their drawings of roots of plants with us. We have curated our favorite drawings of roots, and they are just remarkable! You can find all of the images here.

Ali Kaya


Ali Kaya

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