10+ Remarkable Documentaries About Honeybees

10+ Remarkable Documentaries About Honeybees

Every time I see a honeybee or watch documentaries about honeybees, I feel mesmerized because I have many reasons. For instance, a honeybee is a hardworking craftsman, a brilliant engineer, a genius mathematician, an expert economist, and one of God’s beloved creations. That’s why the first book that I purchased for my daughter was “The Honeybee.”

Why You Should Watch Documentaries About Honeybees?

Honeybees are incredibly hardworking. To make 1 gram of honey, honeybees visit over 60,000 flowers, which is truly wonderful. Honeybees are brilliant engineers, and they make perfect hexagons to store honey. Honeybees are wonderful economists, and they hate waste. That’s why they can store the most amount of honey for the least cost because of their perfect hexagonal honeycomb design. For more examples, you can read “The Astonishing Math Knowledge of Honeybees.”

However, most bees are in trouble, which is utterly sad. Colonies are falling apart all over the world, and many species are getting close to going extinct because of pesticides, diseases, and climate change. So, as humans, we need to save the bees! Tiffany Duong from EcoWatch wrote a remarkable guide to save the bees! Here’s everything you need to know about saving the bees!

I am pretty sure that you are also interested in honeybees. To learn more about these remarkable creatures, you should watch documentaries about honeybees. Below I have curated more than ten of my favorite documentaries about honeybees.

Don’t forget that you will be a brilliant engineer and a wonderful mathematician if you work hard like a honeybee.

How to Bee

Through archival photographs and interviews with family, it explores the history of Don Mark's beekeeping in the Yukon and traces his journey in the present day as he spends the summer passing his knowledge onto his daughter....
In "More Than Honey, in-depth investigation of honeybee colonies in California, Switzerland, China, and Australia is presented. This documentary features interviews with beekeepers, biologists, and other experts who explore the disappearance of bee populations around the world and what this trend may imply for today's society. At the 86th Annual Academy Awards, it was submitted for the Oscar in the Best Film in a Foreign Language category....
Vanishing of the Bees is a 2009 documentary film and directed by George Langworthy and Maryam Henein. The story is centered on the sudden disappearance of honey bees from beehives around the world, caused by the poorly understood phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD. Although the film does not draw any firm scientific conclusions as to the precise cause or causes of CCD, it does suggest a link between neonicotinoid pesticides and CCD....
THE STRANGE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE BEES is a frightening documentary about how mass deaths of bees have recently swept all over the world. Increasingly each spring, beekeepers open their hives to find entire colonies wiped out. And beekeepers aren't the only ones who are worried. Bees pollinate at least a third of the world's crops. If the dramatic decline in worldwide bee populations continues, essential food crops could disappear, along with entire ecosystems....

The Last Beekeeper

Other documentaries have done a fantastic job explaining in great detail the scientific nature of CCD. What the Last Beekeeper seeks to do is humanize the bees and tie them to very human stories. CCD is an environmental crisis, but until it hits home on a personal level, there will be no hope for change. After all, the plight of man and the plight of bees have been linked for centuries and at no time in history has that relationship...
A year inside a beehive shows an organized social life, rival queens, colony scouts, and the defeat of enemies.  "Tales from the Hive," originally broadcast on Tuesday, January 4, 2000. In this NOVA program, our cinematographer literally filmed inside a hive and followed bees in flight to capture closeups of honeybee behavior. Here's what you'll find online:...
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