100 Breathtaking Google Earth Images from Overview

Overview’ is a book that will entirely change the way you view our planet. Although the satellite images that Benjamin Grant has gathered from Google Earth may seem simple at first, each of them is a geometric pattern in and of itself. Benjamin Grant proves that our planet is truly a work of geometric art.

These images will prove that while our surroundings may look in chaos, it is all in incredible order. Everything from the city we live in, the routes we drive our cars on, the fields we grow our produce in, the millions of customs that goods are stopped may all seem chaotic and out of order. However, when we look at them from a bird’s eye view, it’s as if they are meticulously designed geometric shapes.

We have curated 100 breathtaking Google Earth images from the book Overview for you! We also wish that Benjamin Grant had made an exhibition with all of these colorful images and that were were inside of it right now.

Ali Kaya


Ali Kaya

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