Universe in a Nutshell

Every size range in the cosmos, from the tiniest particles to the most massive galaxies, is represented in this scale adventure, which allows you to explore everything with a single swipe. When compared to a human, how huge is a planet? And just how tiny is an atom in reality? You will never truly comprehend the magnitude of things by simply reading about them. This software allows you to compare and contrast different items so that you may gain a better sense of their accurate scale. You may zoom in and out of the world of elementary particles up to the greatest stars at the frontier of the observable universe by just sliding your finger across the screen.


Here is Today | Interactive Visualization of Time | Abakcus

Here is Today

Here is Today is an interactive visualization of time, spanning from this moment back to the birth of the universe. The HTML5 site gives a real sense of the scale…
beautiful days daily | Information is Beautiful | Abakcus

beautiful days daily

A collection of good news, positive trends, uplifting statistics and facts — all beautifully visualized by Information is Beautiful. They release a chart every day for a year to move their attention beyond…