The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein: 15 Beautiful Physics Books

Albert Einstein is such a brilliant genius that we can write tons of pages about him. Einstein says that he met science thanks to his father’s compass, which he saw as a child. He stepped into science by searching for the invisible forces acting on the compass’s needle. 

Einstein spent his entire life producing and writing. And we are lucky enough to have access to all of his works and writings. Princeton University Press published a remarkable collection of Einstein works, The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein.

The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein has more than 30,000 unique documents that cover the writings and correspondence of Albert Einstein from his youth to 1927. The collection is one of the most ambitious publishing ventures ever undertaken in the documentation of the history of science. It presents the first complete picture of a massive written legacy that ranges from Einstein’s first work on the special and general theories of relativity and the origins of quantum theory.

Here we have curated all 15 volumes of the Collected Papers of Albert Einstein collection for you! By the way, Princeton University Press has also published an open-access website for The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein. You can visit here.

Ali Kaya


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