10 Brilliant Physics Books to Help You Understand the Universe We Live In

Physics books are the perfect bridge between those who want to share their knowledge and those who wish to learn new things. Furthermore, must-reads books are some of the best friends to writers and readers alike. Pascal has an even better definition for this: The best books are those, which those who read them believe they themselves could have written.”

There are some physics books that we like to keep to ourselves, that we do not want to share with others, but there are also some that we believe everyone should read. Below are ten must-read science books for anyone interested in how our universe works.

One thing all of these books have in common is the tone with which their writers have written them. Each book is written as if they are what the writer loves most in this world. It is because of this passion that is conveyed in the writing that listening to or reading these books is so entertaining and educating.

Before I get started, I would like to suggest Audible for those of us who are not the best at reading. Whether you are commuting to work, driving, or simply doing dishes at home, you can listen to these physics books at any time through Audible.
Ali Kaya


Ali Kaya

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