Rafael Araujo’s Mesmerizing Geometrical Drawings Using Golden Ratio

Have you ever attempted to work on an illustration for around 100 hours straight? On the same one, perhaps? On the other hand, most illustrators aren’t likely to have that kind of patience.

Rafael Araujo, an architect, and illustrator is inspired by mathematics, and he employs geometry, trigonometry, and dot sequence to produce beautiful three-dimensional pictures inspired by mathematics. Araujo’s dedication to creating his drawings results in intricate works that appear to have been created using a computer program. On the other hand, he draws everything by hand, only using a lamp for light, a ruler, a compass, and a protractor as tools along the way. Meanwhile, he methodically illustrates the Golden Ratio‘s significance in the natural world through illustrations.

No Room for Error in Rafael Araujo’s Drawings

There is no room for error in Rafael Araujo’s drawings, as he defined them: “Working by hand, with ink on canvas, my main concern is to be aware of what I’m always doing. Errors are paid dearly. I was 15 when I started noticing intelligent patterns in the world of nature—spirals, sequences, proportions. This secret of nature’s beautiful designs unfolded before my very eyes. Everything I draw is by hand, and I don’t use a computer, just a pencil, compass, or protractor.”

Araujo created the Golden Ratio Coloring Book to transmit the spiritual aspect of his method and work to others. We’ve curated a selection of some of his most gorgeous illustrations just for you.

If you like his drawings, you can also purchase his beautiful coffee table books below.

Ali Kaya


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