Life in Color with David Attenborough

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David Attenborough explores the vital role that colour plays in the daily life of various species. For us humans, it is a source of aesthetic beauty and expression, but for animals it is an essential tool used for survival and without it, there would be catastrophic consequences. Colours help animals to win a mate, to fight off rivals and to warn enemies. Attenborough explores nature’s use of colour using technological advancements in camera equipment to reveal the world, as seen by animals.


1- Seeing in Colour

In this first episode, David explores how animals use colour in the wild for survival and attracting a mate – and even for warning off predators. Along the way, he gets up close to peacocks in India, and mandrill baboons in the rainforest – discovering just how extraordinary and beautiful colours in the natural world really are.

2- Hiding in Colour

In this second episode, David explores how animals use colour to hide, and disappear into the background when they need to camouflage. Along the way, he looks at Bengal tigers in the Indian sub-continent, and at how zebras confuse potential predators in Masai Mara by literally ‘dazzling’ them. He also sees how the chicks of the pin-tailed whydah imitate the patterns of their siblings to ensue they’re not seen as an unwanted imposter to the nest.

3- Chasing Colour

The crew shares how they captured views of a hidden world across various habitats and challenging conditions using a pioneering camera system.